Water Mitigation & Roofing Repair Denver Case Study

Roofing & Buckled Floor Repair Denver

A Denver homeowner recently experienced devastating results from a fire inside of the home. While the source of the fire was unknown, the effects took over the home and left damage to the floors, walls, fixtures, water sources, and just about everything you could imagine. Even though such an impactful event takes place, it is certainly not impossible to fully recover, and possibly even improve things in the end. The team at NuBilt works to ensure that every measure is taken to repair and improve upon the situation, and will use their experience and ingenuity to come up with solutions to hurdles in the projects we take on. In this case, an overhaul was necessary to fully get the home back in shape.  This project required water mitigation Denver work as well as roofing repair and buckled floor fixes.

This project was broken into three parts: water mitigation, reconstruction, and roofing repair. In the first stages, it was necessary to board up the premises and secure the home.

Once the project was broken up into parts, we needed to resolve a plan of action for reconstructing the home back to a comfortable state. The kitchen needed a large amount of work to get it back in working condition. This included the installation of all new kitchen cabinets, replacing the kitchen sink, and also installing new vanities in each of the two bathrooms in the home. While extensive work was necessary for reconstruction of the inside of the home, the exterior required similar effort.

Water Mitigation Denver

 With the new interior installations and water mitigation Denver came exterior renovations as well. Repairs were necessary to the home’s siding – as this is critical in providing an environment that is sealed off from the elements and preventing further water intrusion. Once the siding was completed, the home also needed some repair work to the deck and stairs to ensure safety and stability after the fire and water damage. Additionally, the home required roofing repair from the fire.

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If you have experienced a fire in your home – from any cause – it is incredibly important that you have a professional restoration company inspect and ensure the area is safe for you and your family. Many times, issues arise in unknown or unseen places – those which only can be detected by a professional restoration company. Call NuBilt today at (303) 368-4688 for help with water mitigation, roofing repair, and buckled floors in Denver resulting from fires or water damage.



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