Water Damage Cleanup Denver, CO

Water Damage Cleanup Denver

In a recent project by NuBilt Restoration & Construction, we encountered a situation where our client was forced to undergo water damage cleanup Denver residents often experience in their homes. In this case, we needed to perform full basement remodeling in the house due to flooding. As the initial inspection proceeded, our project manager  was afforded options to really get creative with the solutions.

Basement Water Damage Denver

Our client allowed us to redesign the space and make the basement much more functional – beginning as a studio apartment style living space, we expanded the use of square footage to include a separate bedroom and full bath. To start the project, our team assessed the space and started from the bottom up. The first step needed in the water damage cleanup was to remove the carpet and damaged wood flooring to expose the concrete. Once that was completed, a modern tile was added to the floors. The walls originally featured exposed brick. The team covered this with full framing of all of the walls, insulating, and drywall.

Our team was able to reconfigure the way the basement was set up by moving the stairs and entrance to the opposite side of the home – this opened up the space and allowed for expansion of the bathroom.

Basement Flooding & Remodeling Denver, CO

We maximized this basement remodeling by incorporating a more open concept floorplan, we were able to save space in other areas, freeing up additional space for the bedroom, closet, and full bath rather than the small space as it were. Once the layout was taken care of, our team addressed the functionality of the space overall – moving the entrance and stairs to the opposite side opened up things further. We added an egress window where the entrance once had been and dug out the opposite side to create an exterior staircase. In addition to adding to the space’s interior functionality, we poured concrete to pave the walkway to the new entrance and created an aesthetically pleasing path for the entrance. Aside from the structure and the layout of the basement, our team installed a French drain and ensured proper water drainage and flow to prevent future damage to this newly updated space. It was a massive transformation after the basement flooded causing a need for water damage cleanup in Denver.

Basement Flooding & Remodeling Denver


Experiencing water damage in your basement?

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The interior was tiled, painted, and updated to make the new space fresh, modern, and highly functional. Whether it is installing windows or doors, enhancing interior elements, or providing proper water drainage, NuBilt’s team can take care of your needs. We work with our clients and keep them informed of each step of the process along the way. View the full gallery of images during the whole process of this project.

What started as an issue of water loss and water damage to the basement turned into a complete overhaul and reconstruction of the space – adding to the property value and making the space new again.

“Overall I had a very good experience with NuBilt I was especially pleased with how Issa the president really paid special attention to my needs. I was also impressed with the fact that every time I called NuBilt an actual human answered the phone and was extremely prompt with taking care of all my needs. When it came to having an issue with my job, Issa did everything in his power to resolve any concerns that occurred. They went above and beyond with their attention to detail on my job. It was a major project, outside of weather related delays. NuBilt was attentive and kept me informed about the entire project. NuBilt came up with creative solutions to move the project forward. I would HIGHLY recommend NuBilt to anyone needing similar services.”

Bathroom Flooding & Remodeling Denver, CO
Bathroom Flooding Denver, CO

Bathroom Flooding & Remodeling Denver



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