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6 Ways to Prevent a Home Appliance Disaster

Home appliances are generally thought of as a godsend. They can save time, money, and make one’s life a lot easier! But, the flip side to that is that if they are not maintained properly, they can cause serious damage

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When is Colorado Most Prone to Tornadoes?

Colorado tornadoes might not be as regular or ferocious as those in Oklahoma, Texas, and other parts of the Midwest, but they do occur. There is an average of 40 tornados a year in Colorado. Most Colorado tornadoes head from

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Swamp Cooler Property Damage Nightmares

When the summer heat hits, people have a myriad of cooling options for their home or business: fans for simple air circulation, air conditioners which produce electric powered refrigerated air, or swamp coolers. In case you didn’t know, a swamp

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5 Construction Defects You Can Avoid!

Turns out, defective construction is easy to prevent, however claims are not and the claims costs surpass the cost of doing it right. Edward Fronapfel, P.E., forensics claim specialist and owner of SBSA Inc., is deep in the trenches regarding

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5 Ways to Protect Your Property from Winter Fires

With winter, we think snow and cold temperatures, which would be a fire deterrent, right? Well, unfortunately because of the colder temperatures and conditions, people use methods to heat up their homes which increase home fire occurrences. In fact, according

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5 Ways to Waterproof Your Basement and Foundation

A leaky basement or foundation can cause more than a headache. Depending on the duration of the problem, water can erode the structure and enable mold to grow. Here are five ways that you can waterproof your basement and foundation: Krystol –

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Prevent Mold Now and Breathe Easier When Warmer Weather Arrives

There may be snow outside now, but if your home was flooded recently it could be harboring mold. If your home was flood-damaged during colder months, it’s very important for your property to be thoroughly cleaned now to avoid possible

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Vacation Preparation – Tips to Safeguard Your Home

To endure the winter months, we generally like to use our vacation time to go to a warmer destination. The coldest months of January-March are prime time to leave and head some place south. When taking vacations for an extended

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Prevent Winter Fires – Tips for the Home

The high cost of home heating fuels and utilities have caused many Americans to search for alternate sources of home heating.  The use of woodburning stoves is growing and space heaters are selling rapidly, or coming out of storage.  Fireplaces are burning

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8 Ways to Prevent Heavy Snow Damage

Beneath the pristine white blanket of snow lies a very destructive force. Snow can deal as much damage as fires, storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards. Heavy snow damage has frozen acres upon acres of agricultural crops, resulted in major car

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40 Steps to Winterize Your Home Inside & Out

It’s hard to believe we’re already telling you to winterize your house. Weren’t we just complaining about sweating our hind-ends off? Autumn began last week and already it feels like winter is blustering its way around the corner. Before autumn’s

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Living in Colorado’s Wildland Fire Hazard Areas

More and more people are building and buying homes in Colorado’s forested/wildland areas. These areas often have poor access for emergency vehicles, little or no fire fighting water supplies, native and wild vegetation, and steep slopes. It’s up to the

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