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Great, I spilt a lot of water on my carpet. Now what?


Wet carpet left to dry on its own can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This can result in unsightly stains, unpleasant smells, and permanent damage to your carpeting, pad, and subfloor. Here’s what you can do to

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Basement Flooding Caused by Rain Storm and Broken Window

Water came into the house from the wind and rain storm. Window that blew out during the storm was the access point. Water accumulated outside the house. Walls took on water. NuBilt Restoration & Construction mitigated the damage and restored

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Flood Insurance: What You Should Know

One of the most devastating natural disasters is flooding. For its victims, they can do nothing but watch a lifetime of hard work and memories get swept away in mere minutes. Unfortunately, many people think their homeowner’s insurance will automatically

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A Small Refrigerator Water Line Creates Big Problems in Denver Home

Water from a leaking water supply line to a refrigerator caused damage to the main level of the house in the kitchen and bedroom, and to the basement areas under the kitchen area. The laundry room, storage room and closet in the

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Emergency Water Mitigation to Dry Three Levels

There was a newly installed shower valve on the second level of the dwelling that broke inside the wall. The water affected the second floor, main floor and basement. We performed emergency afterhours mitigation work to dry the structure. Working

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Tips on How to Avoid Flooding Gutters

When it comes to the best flood cleanup Denver companies, you need to depend on fast and professional service. This is especially true when it concerns flooding gutters. How Do Gutters Get Flooded? Have you heard of the saying, “Out

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Homeowners Come Home to 11-Day Flooded Mess

This was a flood from the freeze on 2/3/11. The homeowners were out of town since late January and it was not until the Castle Rock Water Dept was reading water meters and noticed theirs was going too fast on

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5 Tips against Flood Damage from Rain

Every year, flood damage from rain causes property destruction to thousands of residents across the entire United States, as well as around the world. Many people also face further insult, because they don’t have the proper insurance, or because they

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Water Damage Vs. Flood Damage Coverage

It Pays To Know The Difference Water, water everywhere, but not a drop should be there. With dismay, you discover that your home is filled with damaging water. Will your insurance policy cover this loss? That depends on the type

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Water Heater Break in Arvada, CO

This incident took place in a townhouse in Arvada. The water heater broke in the middle of the night which flooded a part of the upstairs and leaked through to the kitchen ceiling below. There was drywall, texture, painting, and

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Get The Facts About Flood Insurance

Popular yet incorrect notions about the National Flood Insurance Program can lead homeowners and businesses to pass up this easy and important safeguard. Here are some truths about flood insurance that can help residents. Myth: Homeowners’ insurance policies cover floods.

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Basements May Flood if Drainage Is Poor

No matter where your house is located, your basement could flood during heavy rainfalls if drainage is poor, says Charles Schwab, Iowa State University Extension professor, Ag and Biosystems Engineering. “If your house is in a floodplain, use dikes, block

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