Sewage Cleanup Denver

Sewage Cleanup Denver

With over one hundred and twenty live organisms and bacteria present that can cause serious health problems via skin contact, sewage back-ups are both a dangerous and costly issue for everyone involved. Sewage back-ups can occur in one of two places – the main sanitary lines that the municipality maintains, or within the property owner’s dwelling. Calling NuBilt at (303) 368-4688 for prompt sewage cleanup and water removal in Denver is key to staying healthy and safe.

While individuals have no control over the former, they clearly do over the latter, and many of the causes of sewage back-ups can be dealt with by understanding why they occur, and taking the appropriate measures to prevent them.

The Main Causes Of Sewer Back-Ups

Solid flushes refer to individuals flushing solid objects, such as diapers or sanitary napkins. They can also be caused by grease, congealed paint, hair, and any variety of objects that should end up in the trash but somehow make their way to, and then down, the toilet bowl. These lead to a need for sewage cleanup or water removal in Denver.

Structural defects, either in the case of old and deteriorating lines, or damage caused by root invasion, are another cause of sewage back-ups. Pipes whose mounting brackets are weak or broken will sag, and pipes that are affected by roots can either be pushed up or down, resulting in the same problem – gravity induced blockage.

Water Removal Denver

NuBilt are trusted water removal experts in Denver. This is just one of the steps included in sewage cleanup. Removing the water and cleaning the sewage allows us to see just how extensive the rest of the damage is. This damage can include mold, water damage, and biohazard issues within the surfaces in the impacted room. Call NuBilt at (303) 368-4688 immediately when you have sewage back-ups to ensure a thorough, proper cleaning of the home.

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