Sewage Clean Up

Sewage Backup Cleanup DenverA sewage backup in your home or business is a very unpleasant experience. One of the major issues concerning a sewer back up are the health risks posed. Sewage clean up is of utmost importance. Your removal company of choice should be qualified and certified to provide the necessary cleaning, sterilizing and sanitizing methods. If action is not taken immediately to clean up the exposed sewage, bacteria and contaminates can develop resulting in serious illness by all who come in contact. A sewage loss should be extracted, dried and dehumidified, decontaminated, disinfected and deodorized. Although you most likely do not deal with sewage backups, NuBilt frequently responds to such cases. NuBilt has successfully mitigated numerous sewage backup losses. NuBilt is certified by the IICRC, IAQ and EPA to ensure the safety in our work and staff and your health and satisfaction. If you’ve experienced a sewage back up loss, call NuBilt–available 24 hours a day.
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