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Tips for Saving Your Documents and Books after Denver Smoke Damage

February 4, 2016

Smoke can be a very elusive and potent force to deal with.  The smell that can linger after a small kitchen stove mishap can cause long lasting discontent to a household.  Even more serious, if a section of your property underwent extensive burning, the smoke penetrated the areas where the fire could not reach.  Regardless of the size of the smoke damage, Denver homes require a thorough cleaning and ridding of the stench and odor.  Fragile paper documents and books are especially prone to smoke damage and it can be especially difficult to handle. It’s imperative to know what kind of smoke damage occurred as not all smoke damage is the same.   We here at NuBilt Restoration and Construction are experts in restoration, and we make sure to salvage and restore as much of your home and possessions as possible.

Kinds of Smoke

Not all smoke damage is the same.  There are three main kinds of smoke that each present their own complications when restoring your home after smoke damage has happened.  
  1. Dry Smoke:  occurs with fast-burning fires with high temperatures and is extremely damaging to older and fragile books.
  2. Wet Smoke:  occurs with smoldering fires with low temperatures and leave a sticky residue with the possibility to warp your documents and books.  
  3. Fuel Oil Soot:  occurs when high heat sources, such as furnaces, produce smoke and is very abrasive on documents and books as this soot is extremely gritty.

Restoring Books and Documents after Smoke Damage Occurred

Smoke damage causes the covers and paper edges of your books and documents to stain.  There are many influences that affect the extent of smoke damage, such as the condition,quality, age, and how the documents and books are stored in your home.
  • Condition:  Resin-based paste that has been applied to book covers will be able to withstand some degree of smoke damage, whereas paper and other kinds of covers are prone to more damage.
  • Quality:  Not all paper is quality is equal.  High-quality paper is comprised of wood pulp cellulose, high in cotton fiber, and are low in acidity.  Having a low acidity level helps protect against discoloration and corrosion.  
  • Age: Paper products dating from the 1800s to the mid-1900s, are typically more prone to smoke damage as they contain a higher acidity level.  This high acidity level causes corrosion and discoloration.
  • Storing: Typically, books are stored on shelves, and when smoke damage occurs, the top edges and bindings are damaged.  You can protect your books and documents from abrasive soot and smoke damage by properly stacking them in a way that they protect each other.
No matter the extent of damage to your documents and books, it is exceptionally important to use extra care and caution when handling them.  Be sure to never handle damaged books by their pages and take extra care when handling their bindings as dry smoke can deteriorate the bindings and creates brittle pages.  Smoke damaged documents are also very brittle and one must use caution when handling them as it can cause more damage.

Whether you’ve experienced minor or extensive smoke damage, be sure to adjust the humidity in the areas that need restoration.  It is imperative that the humidity level is low as excess moisture in the air can accumulate on your documents, books covers and pages, and cause even further damage.   NuBilt Restoration and Construction has responded successfully and restored numerous fire and smoke damaged properties.  If you have experienced smoke damage in your property, call us today and our restoration experts will be sure to salvage and restore as much of your home and possessions as possible.