Denver Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Case Study

Denver Fire Damage

Imagine this scenario: it is moving day – the movers have loaded your truck after many days and countless hours of preparation and transported all of your belongings to your new home, you are excited and exhausted and ready to relax in your new space. You leave to take the truck back to the rental company, and when you return, you see smoke trailing up and out of your new home. What do you do next? You get ahold of a certified Denver fire and smoke damage specialist.

This type of situation with Denver fire damage and smoke damage could leave you feeling helpless and defeated if you don’t know what steps to take to get your home back to it intended state.

The NuBilt team can make that happen. This exact scenario happened to one of our clients – one of the moving boxes had been set on the stove, and while the new owner had gone to return the moving truck, they returned to a smoke and fire filled home. Luckily, with diligence and care, we were able to assist our client in returning the townhome to pre-loss condition.
Denver Smoke Damage

The damage had infiltrated so much of the area: the walls not only had visible smoke damage, but they also carried odors and particulates that can be very harmful to your lungs. The smoke had penetrated the ceiling, pushing pressurized smoke into the ceiling cavities, affecting the insulation and the exterior walls as well as the walls dividing the unit. These also carried the same odors and particulates – while unseen, will filter into the air and greatly affect individuals in the home. Needless to say, this home had severe Denver fire damage and smoke damage.

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The original inspection had called for some demolition of walls and replacement of much of the kitchen and surrounding window coverings and flooring, but the actual need was much more extensive. The upper levels needed additional work and demolition to ensure the safety of the homeowner and to get the home back to pre-loss condition.
Denver Fire Damage & Smoke Damage

While the damage was extensive, the NuBilt team worked to ensure the cleaning was thorough and no harmful residues or remnants were left behind. The Denver fire and smoke damage restoration required replacement of the wood flooring, carpet, blinds, sink faucet, thermostat, laundry room outlet and shelves, laundry room vinyl flooring, as well as deep, special cleaning to the stone fireplace, sealing shellac on the upper level surfaces, and all of the demolition of walls and other removal of surfaces had to happen in order to repair this home.
Denver Fire & Smoke Damage

Working with NuBilt, clients can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to make sure their loss is restored back to new, and all elements are handled in the right way. We offer absolute transparency with our clients and offer them access to all updates, notes, and correspondence with adjusters and insurance companies. Call us today at (303) 368-4688 for Denver fire damage and smoke damage restoration.

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