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Handling Water Emergencies Before Your Denver Water Damage Restoration Company Arrives

May 4, 2016

Sometimes in an instant, a small water problem can quickly become a major one.  You may have water rushing in or damage where an accident happened. What do you do before your water damage restoration comes in to fix the issue? Below are tips on how to handle the situation until help makes it in.
  1. Assess the Situation for Safety Concerns: Your top reaction after a flood or water damage situation is to begin cleanup the best you can. However, before you get to far into any cleanup, review the hazard from a safe distance to be sure that it is safe to be in the area, or even the house. There could be electrical dangers, so turn off the fuse box unless water seems to have made its way there. If that is the case, exit your property and wait for the professionals to arrive. Before turning your fuse box off, be careful stepping in any water. You may also want to consider having your gas shut off until the area has been cleared as safe. For more information on evaluating water damaged electrical equipment, review these tips from the Association of Electrical Equipment and Medical Imaging Manufacturers.
  2. Make Necessary Phone Calls as Soon as Possible: After an incident has happened it is important to contact the appropriate channels. If you rent, immediately contact your landlord or the emergency maintenance request line. If you are a homeowner, contact your insurance company. Following that, reach out to a local restoration company to handle your water damage in Denver. It is important to get the ball rolling as fast as possible because mold can start to grow within two or three days. Also, make note of everything damaged that you can turn over to your insurance company if they need it.
  3. Move Unaffected Items and Furniture: Water can quickly spread, so after you have assessed the area and have confirmed it is safe, take time to move some of the unaffected items to a dry area. Also, if you have any furniture with water damage that’s directly on carpet, see if you have any thing sturdy to set it on, and get it off the carpet to avoid further stains or ruining the quality.
  4. Caution Signs and Temporary Solutions: As you maneuver your way through damage, be cautious of situations that look unsafe. For instance, if your ceiling seems to be dipping down or floors feel unstable.  While you wait on your Denver water damage restoration company to arrive, you can turn on fans and even your air conditioning if it is warm enough. If not, perhaps at least turn on your fan.
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