Hail Storms Cause Damage Along Front Range

July 29, 2016 4:50 PM By Jennifer Brice LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4)– Parts of the Front Range were pummeled with hail Thursday that caused damage from Littleton to Colorado Springs. A viewer sent CBS4 video from a Walmart in Colorado Springs that shows people taking cover and rushing from the store as water poured through the [...]

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How to Waterproof Your Home

Protect your home from water damage in three steps ALEXANDRA FILIACIJUN 24, 2016 The following is a guest blog post from  Sonya Santos, GCP Applied Technologies Do you know what the envelope of your home is? Just as the name “envelope” implies it is the skin of your home that protects you from the outdoor [...]

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Old houses are full of charm, character, and original features that attract many homeowners who are looking for something other than the cookie-cutter styles that are popular in new construction. But old houses unfortunately come with their fair share of structural concerns, which can lead to fire, high energy bills, and even water damage Denver [...]

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How a Roof Inspection can Find and Address Denver Water Damage

Getting a professional roof inspection twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall—can help diagnose, repair, or prevent water damage to your home by uncovering potential damage to your roof, whether the result of severe weather such as hail in the summer or heavy snowfall in the winter, or general wear and [...]

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Avoid Denver Water Damage: When to Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

flooding in luxurious interior. 3d creative concept Experts say the lifespan of a water heater is anywhere from 8-15 years. And while the lifespan of your water heater has much to do with its design, how it was installed, the water itself, and how well it’s been maintained, that’s a fair number of [...]

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When it Comes to Denver Water Damage – Timing is Everything

When considering water damage Denver restoration, sometimes the importance of time can be overlooked by business owners and individuals throughout Colorado. Once the damage is done, additional water will continue to create problems to your home or building with time. Considering all of the elements that can be affected, from your baseboards and hardwood, to [...]

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How Smoke & Soot from Fire & Water Damage in Denver Affects Your Home

Once the flames have been extinguished, and the “all clear” given, stepping back into your Denver home damaged by fire and water is one of the most devastating experiences you and your family can endure. Along with the fire and smoke comes both seen and unseen damage throughout the home. Even small, isolated fires that [...]

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When your home or business has experienced water damage you will want to act fast. However, there are a few things you want to verify about any potential contractor or company you work with before you hire them to take on you Denver water damage restoration needs. Verify Certification The first and possibly most important [...]

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Common Causes of Winter Water Damage Denver Residents Should Know

Winter is creeping up on and before you know it there everything will be covered in snow. With the freezing temps comes the risk of home water damage. In 2013, water damage accounted for 26.4 percent of the total homeowners and renters insurance losses. But most of the common causes of winter water damage can be [...]

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New Federal Mandates to Lessen Denver Water Damage

In April of 2015, new federal mandates went into effect for water heater manufacturers all over the country. These new regulations will help decrease the amount of water damage experienced in the Denver area due to faulty or outdated units, but it will also have an impact on homeowners. The National Appliance Energy Conservation Act [...]

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