The 10 Best Home Makeovers of 2016

2016 may very well be remembered as the year of dramatic reveals. As it winds down, let’s take a moment to admire the most eye-popping before-and-after decorating moments of the past 12 months. Each one of these astounding room makeovers offers plenty of tips, encouragement, and inspiration for those of us hoping to refresh our [...]

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Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters

September 24, 2015 By: Jen Kincaid Gutters do an important job, directing water away from the perimeter of your house. If your gutters are clogged with debris or not in operative shape, however, they may not function properly. Regular maintenance may help keep your gutters functioning properly, prevent water damage and keep your home looking nice. Why [...]

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Create a Family Disaster Plan to Avoid Denver Fire Damage

It is impossible to predict or gauge what the effects might be when disaster strikes. Often, your typical resources or basic comforts that you come to expect can suddenly be shut off after fire damage Denver occurs – things like water, gas, or electricity. The most practical and responsible thing to do is simply know [...]

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8 Fireplace Safety Tips to Avoid Denver Fire Damage

It’s that time of year when building a fire on a cold day sounds like the best idea: a crackling fire in the fireplace makes everything cozier. But before you throw on another log, make sure your fireplace is in good working order. According to the experts from This Old House, fireplaces and chimneys are [...]

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Common Causes of Winter Water Damage Denver Residents Should Know

Winter is creeping up on and before you know it there everything will be covered in snow. With the freezing temps comes the risk of home water damage. In 2013, water damage accounted for 26.4 percent of the total homeowners and renters insurance losses. But most of the common causes of winter water damage can be [...]

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6 Ways Thermal Imaging Can Save Your Home from Water Damage in Denver

There are six ways that thermal imaging cameras detect problems that damage a property or contribute to energy inefficiency. A professional home inspection is essential to detect these unwanted conditions. A real time color scheme of hot and cold areas emerges in the scanned section. The hot sections look brighter and the cool sections look [...]

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Preventing Water Damage from Water Heaters

Water heaters, are a normal and often overlooked and forgotten, part of the average home. Yet, it is estimated, that every year around five to seven million water heaters leak. A leak from a water heater, can do substantial damage in the home. Estimates of the typical cost of damage from a leaking water heater range [...]

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Keeping Your Denver Roofing Materials in Good Shape – Soffit Ventilation is Key

Most of us don’t often think roof soffit vents, if at all, and many do not even know the word itself. Some might see them as mysterious or perhaps unnecessary in function, dotting the underside of our eaves. It is important however, to recognize these elements of your home as integral to the safety and [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Roof Last Longer

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you don’t know how expensive getting a new roof or even repairs can be. Unfortunately, many of us know there comes a time when even a well maintained roof could need work.You can extend the performance of your roof and avoid costly repair or replacement with a few [...]

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Snow and Ice Damming: Repair and Prevention

Living in areas that experience snowfall in the winter can usher ice damming issues on the roof. Ice damming is a condition in which a dam is formed on the roof, allowing for melted water to pool, seep underneath shingles and subsequently cause a roof leak. The cause of ice damming is generally attributed to [...]

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