Tips for Cleaning Your Gutters

September 24, 2015 By: Jen Kincaid Gutters do an important job, directing water away from the perimeter of your house. If your gutters are clogged with debris or not in operative shape, however, they may not function properly. Regular maintenance may help keep your gutters functioning properly, prevent water damage and keep your home looking nice. Why [...]

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How a Roof Inspection can Find and Address Denver Water Damage

Getting a professional roof inspection twice a year—once in the spring and once in the fall—can help diagnose, repair, or prevent water damage to your home by uncovering potential damage to your roof, whether the result of severe weather such as hail in the summer or heavy snowfall in the winter, or general wear and [...]

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10 Ways to Winterize Your Home and Prevent Denver Water Damage

The temperatures are dropping and the holiday season is here. Whether we are ready for it or not, winter is upon us. Before the weather keeps us indoors for good, now is the perfect time to make sure to winterize your home. Below are 10 inexpensive things you can do to prepare your home. Clean [...]

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Roof Parts 101: Understanding the Basic Components of Your Roof

Certain times of the year can make you pay attention to your roof more than others, such as late spring when hail is likely, and now in the winter when you’ve no doubt heard about ice dams and other cold-weather-related roof damage in Denver. But if you’re not a roofing or construction professional, you may [...]

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Keeping Your Denver Roofing Materials in Good Shape – Soffit Ventilation is Key

Most of us don’t often think roof soffit vents, if at all, and many do not even know the word itself. Some might see them as mysterious or perhaps unnecessary in function, dotting the underside of our eaves. It is important however, to recognize these elements of your home as integral to the safety and [...]

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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Roof Last Longer

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you don’t know how expensive getting a new roof or even repairs can be. Unfortunately, many of us know there comes a time when even a well maintained roof could need work.You can extend the performance of your roof and avoid costly repair or replacement with a few [...]

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Roof Hail Damage Season is Back. Here’s What You Need to Know

Summer is the season for hailstorms, which often coincide with violent thunderstorms and tornadoes. Sometimes hailstones are no bigger than grains of coarse salt and are merely curiosities as they fall and bounce all over the property. Other hailstones can be several inches wide and simply pulverize a house, trees, shrubs and any cars that [...]

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Snow and Ice Damming: Repair and Prevention

Living in areas that experience snowfall in the winter can usher ice damming issues on the roof. Ice damming is a condition in which a dam is formed on the roof, allowing for melted water to pool, seep underneath shingles and subsequently cause a roof leak. The cause of ice damming is generally attributed to [...]

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