How to Frame and Install a Partition Wall

Creating rooms starts with building walls the right way. By Timothy Dahl Dec 27, 2016 Remodeling a home usually consists of removing and building walls. These are both jobs that a motivated DIYer can take on and save some money in the process. Building a wall starts with assembling and installing the frame, which are [...]

The 10 Best Home Makeovers of 2016

2016 may very well be remembered as the year of dramatic reveals. As it winds down, let’s take a moment to admire the most eye-popping before-and-after decorating moments of the past 12 months. Each one of these astounding room makeovers offers plenty of tips, encouragement, and inspiration for those of us hoping to refresh our [...]

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How to Waterproof Your Home

Protect your home from water damage in three steps ALEXANDRA FILIACIJUN 24, 2016 The following is a guest blog post from  Sonya Santos, GCP Applied Technologies Do you know what the envelope of your home is? Just as the name “envelope” implies it is the skin of your home that protects you from the outdoor [...]

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Preparing for Your Remodel: Denver General Contracting Tips

When you get started on a home remodel project, the list of tasks can seem daunting. Your general contractor can offer sound advice to help maintain these tasks and keep your project on track. Here are a few ways your Denver general contractor can help manage your project: Clear the Area: If you live in [...]

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The Counter terrorism Education Learning Lab® (CELL®) is dedicated to preventing terrorism through education, empowerment, and engagement. As a non-profit, non-partisan institution, its one-of-a-kind exhibit, renowned speaker series, and training initiatives provide a comprehensive look at the threat of terrorism and how individuals can play a role in preventing it, ultimately enhancing public safety. Along [...]

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Community Outreach – The Helping Hand Program

Those who endure the effects of a natural disaster or accidental loss are faced with incredible and unique circumstances in recovery. At NuBilt, we understand the hardship that comes with these situations – we believe in supporting and giving back to the community we love. Our Helping Hand Program offers support to particular individuals in [...]

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