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Water Heater Leaks: Prevention and Damage Reduction


Water heaters, are a normal and often overlooked and forgotten, part of the average home. Yet, it is estimated, that every year around five to seven million water heaters leak. A leak from a water heater, can do substantial damage

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Avoid These Common Home Insurance Water Damage Claims


Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover water damage – however, that damage is rarely caused by flooding from natural causes. Most of the water damage that homeowners face is because of household appliances that burst or otherwise malfunction, leading to thousands

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Water intrusion found at your home? Start here:


Since most homeowners spend a good portion of their time maintaining their property, keeping things looking and operating as they should, there are few things that will have the effect as suddenly noticing an ever-growing water stain on a wall

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Prevent Home Fires with these 5 steps


We hate to see it happen to others and we definitely hope it never happens to us. While nearly impossible to eliminate home fires completely, there are ways to minimize the possibility of a house fire. In the article, we

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Roof Hail Damage Season is BackHere’s What You Need to Know

Summer is the season for hailstorms, which often coincide with violent thunderstorms and tornadoes. Sometimes hailstones are no bigger than grains of coarse salt and are merely curiosities as they fall and bounce all over the property. Other hailstones can

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Great, I spilt a lot of water on my carpet. Now what?


Wet carpet left to dry on its own can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. This can result in unsightly stains, unpleasant smells, and permanent damage to your carpeting, pad, and subfloor. Here’s what you can do to

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Home improvement do’s and don’ts for yourself


Regarding home repair projects, there are three kinds of people in the world. Some people always do the work themselves — or attempt to. Some people always hire the work out to a professional. And some people practice discretion by doing what they can and hiring out the rest.

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Preparation for the Next Polar Vortex


With an absolutely brutal winter coming to a close, now is best time to consider two related issues: home repair and preventative maintenance. After the damage from this year’s Polar Vortex has been mended, homeowners should turn their thoughts toward next year and how to better outlast the unpredictable winter weather. Here are a few tips to help begin preparations.

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Beware of These Winter Roof Issues


Every year winter comes and goes, and when it leaves, there are often some effects that it has on the roofs of homes. There are common issues that winter and snow has on roofs and ways that you can try and prevent these issues from taking a toll on your roof.

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Helping a Child Cope with a Property Disaster


Extensive property damage from a fire, flood, or other natural disaster is devastating for a family. While adults typically have the coping skills to recover from the trauma caused by a loss of home and property, dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster can be more difficult for your child. Read on to learn more about strategies to help your child cope with a property disaster.

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Make Your Roof Last Longer with These Simple Procedures


If you’re one of the lucky ones, you don’t know how expensive getting a new roof or even repairs can be. Unfortunately, many of us know there comes a time when even a well maintained roof could need work. You

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Soffit ventilation: Key to healthy roofs and attics

Most of us, if we think of roof soffit vents at all, or even know the word, see them as mysterious and maybe unnecessary vents dotting the underside of our eaves. We shouldn’t be so dismissive. Roof soffit vents are critical

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