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When it Comes to Denver Water Damage – Timing is Everything

When considering water damage Denver restoration, sometimes the importance of time can be overlooked by business owners and individuals throughout Colorado. Once the damage is done, additional water will continue to create problems to your home or building with time. Considering all of the elements that can be affected, from your baseboards and hardwood, to [...]

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Tips for Dealing with Denver Smoke Damage

Dealing with a fire in your home can be a very scary, traumatizing event. Even if no one is hurt, the Denver smoke damage caused by a fire can be considerable. Cooking and electrical equipment are among the top 10 causes of house fires. It is not just large fires that cause damage. A small [...]

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How Smoke & Soot from Fire & Water Damage in Denver Affects Your Home

Once the flames have been extinguished, and the “all clear” given, stepping back into your Denver home damaged by fire and water is one of the most devastating experiences you and your family can endure. Along with the fire and smoke comes both seen and unseen damage throughout the home. Even small, isolated fires that [...]

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Tackling Winter Sewer Problems in Denver: How to Recognize Them and Respond

Just like your home’s pipes and roof, your sewer system doesn’t catch much of a break in the winter. The cold weather in our state can create some unique sewer issues that may have you running for warmer weather. And while sewage back-ups in Denver are no fun (and often require clean-up by a home [...]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Denver Smoke Damage

Winter comes fast in Colorado, and so does Denver smoke damage. Snow can fall as early as mid-October, and temperatures can plummet into the single digits as soon as the first week in November. Sooner than other areas of the country, it’s commonplace in the Denver area to find wood burning stoves and other classic [...]

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Winter Emergencies: What to Do if Your Pipes Freeze or Burst

Despite best efforts to winterize your home, sometimes a winter emergency can happen—such as the dreaded frozen pipes in Denver. But if you act fast and take the right steps, you can mitigate some of the damage and make the repair or clean-up process less extensive. You may still need to engage a professional to [...]

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Top 3 Reasons to Use a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

Once the firefighters have left the scene, it may seem that everything is ok and the danger has passed. However, did you know that your home is susceptible to even more damage even after a fire? Without a Denver fire restoration company to clean the smoke damage, your home will never return to its pre-fire [...]

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4 Top Causes of Residential Fires – Fire Damage Denver Homeowners Can Avoid

Accidents will always happen, but sometimes can be avoided by taking precautions – especially when it comes to fires. Fire damage Denver residents can prevent typically comes from common activities in the home. Find out the top causes of residential fires and make yourself aware of the types of things to be careful of in [...]

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Cleaning Up After a Denver Fire

When you have a small fire in your home, it’s one thing to put it out with a household extinguisher – but it’s an entirely different matter when it comes to the cleanup of the short instant fire. After the fire is out, you still have a serious mess to clean up, and as with any [...]

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Denver Basement Winterizing: 4 Ideas for this Crucial Area of the Home

Preparing your home for winter is important, but did you know that your basement requires special cold-weather attention? Basements tend to get overlooked by homeowners when the temperatures drop. But because furnaces, water heaters, HVAC systems, hot water pipes, and other utilities are often located in the basement, this area of your home is especially [...]

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