Asbestos Abatement & Removal Denver Case Study

Asbestos Removal Denver, COWhile it feels like it is now out of date and no longer a present danger in the mind of most renters or new home buyers, asbestos can still be quite prevalent in homes in Denver and the surrounding areas. Along with water damage Denver residents experience, another major abatement process is asbestos removal. It is important to understand what asbestos is, the dangers that come along with it, and the appropriate measures to take to have it removed. A professional company must perform the removal and ensure the safety of you and your family for the future.

Abatement Removal Denver

What is Asbestos?

As most people are aware, asbestos was an insulating tool commonly used in attics and heating ducts as well as other household building elements like flooring or ceiling materials. Up until the early 1990s, asbestos was still in use by some builders in Denver homes. 

What is the Cause for Concern?

The fibers within asbestos actually come loose from the main structure and are actually breathed into the lungs. They attach themselves to your lungs and remain for some time. The result of inhaling these fibers is contracting diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer, and slowly develop over time, so when symptoms occur, it is typically past the point of repair.



Asbestos Removal Process

Once you have your home tested and confirm the presence of asbestos, a professional begins the removal process. It is vital that this process is safe and operates according to the OSHA standards for local regulations.

Typically, the home will be sealed – all doors and windows leading into the area of exposure. Additional sealing must be done to ducts, vents, and any pathway to other parts of the home or beyond. Once the area is secure, a vacuum is performed in the space. A HEPA filter pulls the air from the space and creates a negative pressure to allow no further air to seep into other areas. The asbestos-ridden portions of the home are them removed from the area and the entire space must be cleared and additional tests performed to ensure the air is safe.

Only work with the best to keep your family safe and remove harmful materials from your home. If you live somewhere that was built before the year 2000, it is in your best interest to have tests performed to rule out asbestos. If you find that you require an asbestos abatement team, trust the experts at NuBilt to perform this task for you and get your home back in good condition.

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