Asbestos Abatement & Removal Denver

Asbestos Abatement & Removal Denver

Now that the ads have begun to deluge your TV sets with a nasty and truly scary word called Mesothelioma, perhaps you’re wondering what’s up with that? Well, asbestos is a natural occurring mineral that is found in many countries around the world; especially Russia, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. Asbestos was used for years, because it is a highly-effective and inexpensive fire retardant material and insulator. Unfortunately, it’s fibers can make people VERY sick. The one asbestos annuitant that is more dangerous than all the others goes by the name: Mesothelioma. That said, if you plan to become a new homeowner or invest in a property, one thing for sure, you won’t be able to stand in the middle of the street and think to yourself: “Gee, I wonder if this building has asbestos problems!”  NuBilt is here to open the door of common sense for some questions and answers to assuage your fears and give you a “heads-up” on asbestos abatement in Denver and how it works. Call us any time at (303) 368-4688 with any questions or if you need asbestos removal in Denver.

What to Know About Asbestos:

  • How Does Asbestos Enter Your Body? Breathing funky air that contains asbestos fibers ranks number one. You can also ingest it via drinking water or being close to an infected person coughing.
  • How Does It Affect Your Health? It leaves you open for lung cancer and Mesothelioma, and in some areas asbestos exposure can cause other related health problems like stomach and intestine cancer.
  • How will I know if it’s in my home or other property? Well, there is no state or federal law that says you can’t do a test yourself, but it is complicated. Testing abatement methods are best left to a professional asbestos inspector who has certified U.S. Environmental Protection Agency credentials. If asbestos is in your property, and you need a repair or renovation that may disturb the material, contact an abatement consultant at NuBilt or call us at (303) 368-4688 immediately.

Finally, before you hire someone for asbestos abatement in Denver, do the following: Ask them about their abatement history, and get references. Ensure they have a state license and are reputable. Get in writing the estimated abatement costs of the exact work to be provided; including monitoring, design, replacement, and damages. Ask if the abatement contractor has liability insurance coverage, and then go online and educate yourself about what occurs during asbestos abatement procedures.

For asbestos removal in the Denver, CO area, contact the staff at NuBilt to assist in creating a safe environment.