Pillar Program

Designed for Community Associations

NuBilt Pillar Program
NuBilt Restoration and Construction is proud to announce the re-launch of the Pillar Program, a proactive disaster response effort for multi-family and multi-tenant properties. By working with NuBilt, those responsible for overseeing structures with multiple owners/tenants will have the peace of mind of knowing what to do when the unexpected happens. The Pillar Program is designed to meet the needs to the specific types of clients that NuBilt serves. As such, we are starting by delivering the Pillar Program for Community Associations. We have tailored the particulars of this program to address the needs of the Condominium and Townhouse Homeowners Associations, and those who manage them. Benefits to those communities that join the Pillar Program include:
  • Property Information Report
  • Proactive Emergency Response
  • Priority Service During an Area-Wide Disaster
  • Priority Storm Damage Evaluation
  • Dedicated HOA Account Executive
  • Extended Warranties & Written Promise of Excellence
  • And Much More!
The Pillar Program provides its members the answer to the question: Do you know what to do when What If turns into What Now? The program starts with NuBilt working with each member community to assemble a comprehensive Property Information Report. We visit each site to locate those critical utility shut-offs and verify the maps and locations we have on file. That way we can get to the emergency quicker, with the right resources for the property so that the damage sustained during a disaster can be kept to a minimum, and we can begin putting the pieces back together immediately. Once the report is completed we then provide a copy to the Community Association for their records. We revisit the report annually to make sure all the information is up-to-date and that the needs of the Association are being met. In addition to enhanced disaster response, in the event of an area wide storm event, we will proactively visit each site and assess any potential damage within 72 hours. So when a severe wind or hail storm hits, members don’t have to wait days or weeks to have their property evaluated. If the damage is significant enough, NuBilt can leverage its experience and relationships as a preferred referral vendor with most insurance companies to help through the claims process. All of the benefits of the Pillar Program are delivered to the Association with Zero Membership Cost. There are no initiation fees or yearly dues to participate in the program. We simply ask to be the first call when an emergent situation arises, and once mitigation is complete, that we are given the opportunity to provide an estimate for any follow-up restoration work that may be necessary to the insurance carrier. If no insurance claim is to be filed, we ask that we are allowed to submit a bid for the restoration work. NuBilt uses the standard insurance price lists and estimating software to ensure members are obtaining a fair and honest estimate. To spearhead this effort, and to better address the unique needs of multi-family properties, NuBilt has employed an Account Executive dedicated to Community Associations and Multi-Family clients. This means that you have a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) working with you and the Project Manger to ensure that each project goes smoothly.