Just how bad can a restoration company screw up

a commercial loss?


In over 30 years in the restoration industry, this one tops it all as far as a screwed up job. 

Today, an old friend in the insurance restoration industry told me of a large player in the restoration business that completely ruined an entire J.C. Penney store and their insurance company is being demanded to pay the $6.5 MILLION for the damages caused by the restoration company. 

That’s right, the restoration company went in on a J.C. Penney store that had a roof air conditioning unit come through the roof as the story goes. They removed the ceiling tiles by knocking them down onto the merchandise, without removing the merchandise first or even covering it with plastic. Then set up their desiccants ducts blowing into the cosmetics department. 

Do you know what  119 degree F. temperature, 5,000 CFM Process Out air flow can do to a cosmetics display? Think about it. 

Well, J.C Penney’s insurance company was not amused when the restoration contractor played innocent and said they did not screw up the entire stock in the J. C. Penney store, “it was like that when we got there”. However, that tune changed when the insurance company showed their pictures of the roof and stock damage prior to the restoration company getting there and destroying the place. The mall had called in the restoration contractor-not J.C. Penney’s, I’m told.

$6.5 million dollar claim is going against the restoration company’s insurance policy.

Now, most restoration companies do not have half that amount in liability insurance.

Really, how bad can a crew screw up a house loss? Damage the carpet or couch? Chip furniture or cause a room to need repainting?

Screw up a house loss or even not get paid on a residential loss, you are still in business.

The number one killer of restoration companies is knocking out a large commercial loss, and not getting paid.

So why would anyone want to risk working on large commercial losses?

Because they are more profitable, more fun, more adrenaline, easier than house losses and are free of emotional volcanoes that can exist inside homeowners.

But-you have to know what you are doing!



For decades I traveled around the USA handling hundreds of shopping malls and box-mart losses. We did over 235 Walmart & Sams stores alone after fires, floods, earthquakes, and contamination losses. In addition to May Company, Robinson-May, Lord & Taylor, G Fox, Dillard’s, Sears, Targets, Venture and the list goes on. 

We never had one single liability claim or even ever lost $10 of merchandise to smoke smell. 

Most of the time we were paid in full by the corporation themselves within 2-4 weeks. 

Around the Clock-Around the Country®- Anywhere in the USA tonight with equipment was our motto and creed. Or have ‘Thermo-gen Will Travel’. 

Now, I am “retired” and showing restoration companies the ropes of large losses both commercial and industrial. 

Come to my next Large Commercial Loss workshop- August 31 & September 1, 2016 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Learn from someone who has “been there and done that” for over a quarter of a century on large commercial/industrial losses from Kodiak, Alaska to San Juan, P.R. and about everywhere in between. 

It is much easier and cheaper to come to my workshop than to try and learn the big leagues totally on your own and no one teaches the large loss game like I do. 

We cover in detail:

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Closing the Sale 

Using the client’s money & man-power to knock out large losses

How to get past the gate keepers in large corporations so that your team is on the corporation’s Emergency Preparedness Plan. 

Getting paid-without having to play “let’s make a deal with the adjuster” 60 days after you’re done.

Today, corporations have insurance deductibles in the millions or tens-of millions of dollars. A small six or seven figure bill is paid directly by many corporations and not even turned over to their insurance companies.   

Knock out the Commercial Losses and Make Tons of Profit by being Called Out on Job after Job by the Same Client.

Honestly-Repeat Business is much more Profitable than a One Shot Over-Priced Job. 

Jump into the deep end of the large loss pool.

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