waterproofing-denver-1030x579When considering water damage Denver restoration, sometimes the importance of time can be overlooked by business owners and individuals throughout Colorado. Once the damage is done, additional water will continue to create problems to your home or building with time. Considering all of the elements that can be affected, from your baseboards and hardwood, to your grout and under layers of your carpet. Other factors you may not consider are the impact it has on your ceilings – if the water damage occurred in one of the upper levels of your home it can seep through the ceiling of what is below.

Additional problems that arise as a result of unattended water damage are as follows:
-Increased moisture in the air
-Moisture causing growth of spores or mold
-Potentially harmful air quality
-An odor within the affected area
The longer these issues or effects of the water damage remain unaddressed, the more harmful it can be to your health. If possible, take action immediately and call a water damage restoration expert like NuBilt to survey and inspect the area thoroughly. Sometimes, homeowners or building owners leave the issues alone for too long – and the only way to remedy it is through a total rebuild or very extensive remediation.

Take the first step in remedying your situation – make the initial call to your local restoration expert to schedule an inspection. They can offer a serious plan of action to address your specific needs and get you back on track as soon as possible. Make sure your investment is protected and you take all necessary precautions to get your home or business back in good condition.

What Can You Do?

The main takeaway from learning more about the effects of water damage is how it can affect you, your family, or your tenants in the process and how time plays a very important part in keeping everyone safe. The slightest issue can create a much bigger problem – and controlling your environment is a step you can take to prevent these issues. Make sure to monitor your air flow in addition to the moisture levels and temperature in your home or building. Create a stable environment that does not allow for the unwanted mold and mildew to thrive. Using dehumidifiers is a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to monitor the air flow and moisture within it.

Your restoration company comes into play if you have extensive drying out due to water damage. NuBilt has the equipment needed to fully dry and restore your space, and often will ensure you won’t have to begin a complete replacement of flooring and other structural elements of your home. You must work with a professional restoration team to be sure the job is done correctly and no residual water is left.

If you are concerned with water damage in your home, contact the experts at NuBilt to assess your situation and put your mind at ease. Our team is ready to help you 24/7 – we truly are for our customers and work with local companies to help support our community.