water-intrusion-denver-300x227Since most homeowners spend a good portion of their time maintaining their property by keeping things looking and operating as they should, there are few things that will have the negative effect of noticing an ever-growing water stain on a wall or ceiling. These stains can indicate one of two problems.
<h4>Water stains may indicate that, somewhere in a wall or overhead, there is a slowly-leaking pipe.</h4>
The owner may notice an inexplicable rise in the water bill if this is the case. Discovering the origin of that leak and getting it repaired should be left in the hands of professional plumbers, since the location where the water spots appear, isn’t necessarily  where the leak is. Depending on the design of the home, leaking water can travel quite a distance.

The other common cause of water stains on walls and ceilings is a leaking roof. It doesn’t take much damage to create a leak in a roof; a few broken or missing shingles or some damaged flashing around vents or chimneys can expose the decking underneath. Sooner or later, without the homeowner even being aware of it, time and the elements can deteriorate that decking, allowing wind, water, and perhaps even wildlife into the home.

Unfortunately, by the time noticeable water spots begin to show up, the home could already have suffered some serious damage. If water enters a home, it can mat down any insulation, making it ineffective. With air being allowed in as well, this lack of protection from the elements can raise heating and cooling costs dramatically. Damage from water or animal infestations can weaken rafters and beams and may affect electrical wiring as well.

If telltale water stains appear, an inspection of the home is called for and property restoration experts should be called in. They can use their expertise to correct the problem, and if mold remediation is called for, they can facilitate that as well.

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