NuBilt-Fire-RoomIt cannot be overstated how devastating and entirely shocking a fire can be when it affects your home. Re-entering the area after the flames have been extinguished can feel overwhelming – but the most important thing to remember is: it was just “things” or “stuff” that can be replaced. As far as disasters go, those that occur in your home truly elicit a personal response as it is difficult to separate yourself from your possessions.

We can offer some tips to remember that can help ease the worry and upset after your home endures severe fire damage and get you on the road to home restoration:

•    Let go – but stay focused: Come to terms with the possessions that you have lost. The sooner you can let things go and move past it, the sooner you can begin to focus on how to piece things back together.
•    Make lists and stay organized: Keep track of any correspondence with insurance companies and restoration teams to make sure everything is in order. Your first calls will be to your insurance company to begin your claim, and your restoration specialists to formulate a plan of action. Many times, safety is the most imperative factor, whether your home needs to be boarded and secured or tented to prevent further damage.
•    Don’t DIY: Before the Denver fire damage restoration team begins their work, do not attempt to begin cleaning anything yourself. So many factors are involved in a fire – from affecting your food to your electronics, your safest bet is just to have patience.

Despite the sudden impact that fires cause in your life, you can recover after this devastation. Your local restoration services team can assist in your crisis right away. The skilled professionals at NuBilt know how to handle the highest level of damage and can walk you through the steps to recovery.