prevent-water-heater-damage-denverWater heaters, are a normal and often overlooked and forgotten, part of the average home. Yet, it is estimated, that every year around five to seven million water heaters leak. A leak from a water heater, can do substantial damage in the home.

Estimates of the typical cost of damage from a leaking water heater range from $2,500 to around $10,000 dollars, per incident.

Once the damage is done, clean-up, replacement of the heater, and repair to other damage is usually required. However, there are a number of preventative measures out there, that can help to prevent water heater leakage, and or help to reduce damage from a leak.

Here is a simple overview of a few of the suggested ways to prevent leakage, and or reduce damage:

  • Drain One of the suggested solutions, to help reduce damage should a water heater leak, is a drain pan system. This, would include a properly selected and installed drain pan, plumbed to a drain where water from leakage, is contained and removed. This, certainly will not prevent the leak from happening; but, it can do a lot to help eliminate clean-up, and reduce repair costs.
  • Maintenance Checks Having a professional check the water heater, on a regular basis, can help to prevent water heater leaks. An expert, can check the anode, to be sure it is functioning as it should to reduce tank corrosion. Also, they can check the integrity of the tank, to help spots signs of possible coming leaks, before they occur.
  • Automatic Shut-Off Valve These systems, are designed to detect when there is a water leak from the heater. When this situation occurs, they then shut off the water to the heater. They are designed, specifically for the purpose of preventing and reducing damage, to the home and home furnishings, from a leaking water heater. Water heater leaks can do significant damage, but prevention efforts help to reduce damage and costs.

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