broken pvc pipe in trench with wrench leaks water after unsuccessfully repairs

broken pvc pipe in trench with wrench leaks water after unsuccessfully repairs

Damage to homes and underground pipes from the tree roots can be a serious problem. As trees grow, their roots expand and grow in turn. Depending on the type of tree, this growth can continue to expand to undesired areas. Often times, the pipes and foundation of a home is compromised by the root growth and could potentially cause major water damage to your home’s structure. What can a home owner do to prevent damage to the foundations of homes and piping?

Root Barriers & Proper Tree Planting: If you are building you home, the time to take preventative measures is right from the start. You can protect the foundation of your home and underground pipes on your property. Root barriers can be installed at the time of initial construction, eliminating or greatly reducing the incidence of future root problems. If the ground around your trees is prepared properly, each tree will develop a healthy root system. This will help ensure the roots will not spread in their search for moisture. It also helps to avoid planting tree species that are known to cause spreading root problems. Take into consideration that limited space seems to be the major cause of root conflicts with infrastructure. Also, fast growing species like Poplars and Eucalyptus are known to cause conflicts.

Preventative Steps for Underground Pipe Installation: To protect pipes bringing utilities onto your property and sewage lines taking waste to a septic system or sewage line, ensuring the least number of turns and bends are placed in the pipes with pipes laid at proper elevations will help significantly reduce damage from root invasion.

Corrective Steps for Foundation Repair: Trees can cause problems for foundations in several ways. Initially they draw moisture out of the ground around and under foundations. This can cause problems with subsidence. Failure to correct this type of problem can mean extensive excavation will be needed to correct damage done to the foundation.

Corrective Steps for Cleaning the Interior of Underground Pipes: When pipes underground have invasion from tree roots it is usually not discovered until a blockage occurs. If you suspect problems with piping, you could have several types of pipe inspection performed. This would result in a definite recommendation on how to have the problem corrected. Be aware of the possible damage from tree roots.

Use the steps mentioned in this article to help protect your home and underground piping from damage. Taking these steps should save you a significant amount of effort and money. If you find that root tree damage has occurred to your property, call NuBilt Restoration & Construction for a consultation on the next best steps to mitigate potential water damage.