iStock_000001133065XSmallA home’s main water shut off valve is the valve that controls the water flow to the home. The valve can also be referred to as a main shut off valve, or local shut off valve. All the water in the home originates from the shut off valve. You may need to access the shut off valve if you have plans for fixing a plumbing leak, or even in the case of an emergency to prevent water damage.
<h6>In the case of an emergency you will want to be able to locate this valve quickly to minimize damage.</h6>
There are several shut off valves located throughout your home, one being the main shut off valve. The main valve is, of course, the most important one to locate. Typically the main water shut off valve is located near your water meter. The water meter is where the local water company reads how much water you have consumed in your home throughout a period of time. There is one line leading out of your house, and one leading into your house near this meter.

The line coming from the outside is called the supply side, and the line running into your house is called the house side. In case of an emergency you will want to shut off the side that is located on the supply side. Other water shut off valves are located near the output devices in your home. Some output devices are the toilet, dishwasher, washing machine, tub or shower and sink.

The water shut off valves will be located near the output device. The most difficult to find of the shut off valves near output devices will be the tub or shower. The valve may even be located below the floor in the basement near the tub or shower. Now that you have educated yourself on where the water shut off valves, are located in your home, you will be prepared in the event of a visiting plumber, or leakage emergency.