842110225_IICRC Logo1When your home or business has experienced water damage you will want to act fast. However, there are a few things you want to verify about any potential contractor or company you work with before you hire them to take on you Denver water damage restoration needs.

Verify Certification

The first and possibly most important aspect to consider when looking for quality water damage restoration is certification. It is vital that the contractor you use has an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This certification insures the contractor has had the basics of water damage restoration training, such as the ability to detect water levels and ambient moisture as well as the proper use of equipment and safety techniques for water removal. Proper certification lets you know that the professional you are hiring with be effective, efficient, and make sure the safety is the highest priority. Even if your water damage issue seems small, utilizing certified contractors will ensure the job is done properly the first time.

Weigh Price and Services

As with any large purchase, it is important to do your research and compare quality and services from a few different companies. Find out what types of services each company offers and ask for a quote breakdown so you know exactly what you are paying for. While it can be tempting to simply go with the company that quoted the lowest price, you need to make sure that you choose the best company for the job. Working with a contractor who isn’t qualified for the water damage in your home can result in additional damage and costs in the long run.

Range Of Services

When researching Denver water damage restoration companies, be sure to ask about all the services they offer. Water damage requires more than simply drying out the water. Whatever company you choose, their services should include things like full water and moisture extraction, dehumidification and structural drying, moisture detection and evaluation, and identification and repair of the water entry point. You want to be confident that they are capable of handling the entire process and restoring your home or business.

Check Availability

Water damage is a very time-sensitive issue. Damage can begin to compound quickly, with mold growing in as little as two hours and wood losing its structural integrity in as little as two days. Because of this, you want to find a company that can respond quickly and professionally to make sure the situation does not have a chance to become worse.

Ask For References

It is strongly recommended that you ask to see any references the company might be able to provide. Seeing that a company hastestimonials from previous customers says a lot about their quality of service and their professionalism.

Final Reporting

Once you have chosen a water damage restoration company, but before they have performed the services agreed upon, ask them what reporting they provide after the project is finished. This reporting should include a copy of the final report, the moisture readings taken throughout the process, mapping documents, and any thermal imaging pictures they have taken.

Having a home or business that has been damaged by water is a very stressful situation. At NuBilt, we understand and do everything we can to make sure the water damage restoration process is as smooth and fast as possible. Give us a call and let us help you.