gutter-flooding-damage-denverMany homeowners do not realize the importance of having quality Denver gutters on their homes. Gutter systems that are properly installed will not only collect rain water, but they will carry the rain water away from your home where it will drain out without damaging your house or your landscaping. Bad gutters can result in horrible consequences after a downpour. Large amounts of rain can dump off of your roof and collect next to the foundation. These accumulations can either cause issues with foundation settlement or if problems already exist they will complicate matters as you may have a finished basement or a basement used for the storage.

If your gutter system is not properly installed, you run a risk of your basement flooding when your foundation is compromised due to the continued accumulation of rain water. Improper installation or non-existing gutters will also cause you frustrating and costly issues with your landscaping. Nobody wants to spend hours and dollars on grooming their yard only to have it all washed away by one rain storm. When rain water seeps into the ground, it can cause serious erosion beneath sidewalks, patio concrete and driveways. When this soil breaks down, it deteriorates the support for these surfaces and will result in cracks. The extreme result can be the collapse of areas of your driveway or sidewalk. One of the most important benefits of a properly installed Denver gutter system is to protect the framing and structure of your home.

If your gutters are non-existent, faulty, or improperly installed you will experience an extremely costly fiasco when your fascia and soffit is damaged. Additionally, termites thrive and reproduce wherever there is water. If you notice that water is not being drained properly away from you house to the street or a safe spot, consider getting gutters installed or maintained to increase longevity of your property. If you have experienced water damage to your foundation or basement, contact NuBilt for a professional assessment of the damage and recommendation.