michigan-fire-damage-restorationAfter the fire’s been extinguished and the fire trucks are gone, the homeowner is left with a smoking, sodden mess to straighten out. Unless the fire was limited to a very small area, experts recommend homeowners hire professional contractors to clean the damaged property.

If contacted immediately, and assuming they have immediate access to the property, a professional cleaning crew can alleviate the worst of the corrosion, discoloration, and stench before they become major problems. Reputable contractors who specialize in fire and smoke damage restoration have a 24-hour emergency call line and can quickly assemble a trained professional team to perform the work. To ensure the company is reputable, check with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Look for companies that have on-staff certified specialists who have the third-party credentials testifying to their competence and professionalism:
An applied microbial remediation technician is trained in mold and sewage remediation.
An applied structural drying technician is trained to apply quick and effective drying methods in water-damaged structures.
A fire and smoke restoration technician has the skills to clean, rehabilitate, and deodorize structures after a fire.
An odor control technician specializes in odor removal.
A water damage restoration technician assesses water damage and knows how to correct it.
The IICRC certifies the above technicians, who can be identified by the CleanTrust™ logo.

Water strained through ash makes lye, which is highly corrosive. Lye is a caustic soda that will digest flesh and dissolve bones, eat through aluminum, and discolor other metals and fabrics. Lye is included in commercial and industrial oven cleaners and drain openers. Any site where a fire has been extinguished with water will contain lye, which is why it’s recommended you hire a professional team to clean up.

A trained, certified professional in fire and smoke damage restoration will identify all affected areas, as well as the source of any odors. Thorough inspection is a must, so they’ll poke into every nook and cranny because smoke, water, and ash get into everything. They will identify what can and cannot be restored, which is where your records of household items will come in handy as evidence your insurance company will require for your compensation claim. Restoration will at least take days, if not weeks or months. The professionals will have access to specialized cleaners to remove the lacquer-like film left behind by smoke and ash and that elbow grease alone isn’t sufficient to conquer.

If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of a house fire, hire a clean-up crew you can trust. NuBilt Restoration & Construction’s emergency response number (303) 368-4688 is open 24 hours a day to remedy Denver fire damage and smoke damage.