A house fire is devastating. In the moment, it is crucial you exit your home immediately for your own safety. No matter what they may be, leave all valuables behind and do not go back in to retrieve them until you have received the all clear from the fire department. No object can ever be worth risking your life. Once you have received the all clear, you may be overwhelmed and might not be sure where to begin. Below are tips to help alleviate the stress when trying for determine what to do and what you can expect if you experience Denver fire damage.

1. Contact Your Insurance Agent: After the fire, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to file your claim so they can have an adjuster come out to your property. They will help you through your claim and can review with you potential options on where to stay and how to get basic essentials if you are unable to return to your home right away. From there, they will be your go-to guide through your claim and you will start itemizing the items you lost in the fire and how much they were worth. So it is important to always be proactive and create your itemized list of valuables, as well as how much they are worth in case such a tragic situation occurs.

2. If Staying Outside of the Home: If you are unable to return to your home during the restoration process, be sure you are keeping track of your spending for your insurance agent. You may also want to consider having the home boarded up by your fire damage Denver restoration professionals and/or contact the local police department to make sure they are aware the home is temporarily vacant in case they are able to patrol the area and deter break-ins.

3. You May Have to Meet with Fire Officials: After the fire in your home, the fire department may want to meet with you to discuss the fire to determine the cause. While this may not always happen, it is best to talk to your insurance agent prior to your meeting. Be prepared by having the answers to their questions, which you can find on What Happens Now.

4. Go to the Doctor: After the fire, you should see your physician for a checkup, as well as anyone else that was in the home at the time of the fire. This will rule out any smoke inhalation you may have experienced and help you deal with the stress of the situation. You may also want to talk to your doctor about things to pay attention to as you go back in your home and potential fire damage health hazards that you may experience.

5. Keep Everything Intact: Be sure to keep everything as it was while your restoration company is getting your home back to pre-loss condition. While you may think your home is damaged beyond repair, the best Denver fire restoration companies have the technology to salvage a space. It is important during this time to let the professionals work so you can get back in your home as soon as possible. Trust that they will inform you of any extensive damage and keep you updated with reports throughout the entire process.

If you suffer through the unfortunate experience of a house fire, NuBilt Restoration and Construction can help. We provide quality fire and smoke damage restoration services, and our customers rely on us to get their home back to its liveable state. Our work ranges from recovery and cleanup to smoke damage and odor removal. If you experience a fire in your home, contact us right after you speak with your insurance agent! You can reach us 24/7 at 303-368-4688 or contact us now to answer your questions or assist in any way.