cleanup-fire-denver-1030x671When you have a small fire in your home, it’s one thing to put it out with a household extinguisher – but it’s an entirely different matter when it comes to the cleanup of the short instant fire. After the fire is out, you still have a serious mess to clean up, and as with any potentially hazardous mess, you should start by taking some precautions like wearing gloves and a mask while trying to clean it up – the last thing you want to do is make yourself sick.

After you’ve “suited up”, you need to clear out some of the stagnant air and the dust from the fire that has undoubtedly gathered in your home. The easiest way to do this is with a large fan in a window, but you can also use several smaller fans in a pinch. Once you have cleared out that musky air, it’s time to start the actual cleaning. Cleaning up the ash and such that is still left is not all that different from the usual cleaning routine that you regularly go through. That said, when you’re cleaning up after a fire of any size, no matter how tiny it might be – you need to be completely thorough. Clean every single spot in the room where the fire was, but don’t just leave it at one pass – make at least two passes with separate cloths to make sure that you get everything.

Beyond cleaning surfaces with a wet cloth, if there’s anything in the room that needs to be cleaned in some other way – do it. Run a vacuum over carpeted floors and furniture, and throw drapes, sheets and the like in the laundry. Of course, like any sort of smoke damage, even in the smallest of fires the amount of damage caused might be a bit overwhelming for the average homeowner.

In this case, you need to get a hold of a Denver restoration service who can help you get back to normal quickly and easily.