water-damage-appliance-denver-203x300Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover water damage – however, that damage is rarely caused by flooding from natural causes. Most of the water damage that homeowners face is because of household appliances that burst or otherwise malfunction, leading to thousands in repair costs and potentially increasing insurance rates in the future.
<h6>To prevent this, here are a few steps you can take.</h6>
<em>1. Don’t run the dishwasher when not at home.</em>
The dishwasher, due to its somewhat violent movement, is prone to springing leaks or a disconnected line. If this happens while the machine is running, it can lead to hundreds of gallons of water flowing into the floor. For this reason, do not run the dishwasher while not at home or when it would be otherwise unattended.

<em>2. Monitor the washing machine.</em>
Take a moment to think about the amount of water required for a washing machine. Because these appliances can use as much as 500 gallons of water per hour, a single burst pipe can cause catastrophic levels of damage. If this happens without someone at home to turn off the valve and stem the flow of water, that can be as much as or more than $2,500 in repairs.

<em>3. Keep an eye out for leaks in the bathroom. </em>The bathroom is the most common place for leaks to occur, especially in the toilet. Because most insurance policies only cover sudden damage rather than that caused over a long period of time, make sure to regularly inspect the area around your bathroom for potential leaks. The more quickly you find the leak, the less damage it will be able to cause.

These three scenarios are the most common insurance claims for water damage, and not one of them is due to flooding from heavy rain.

By taking proactive steps to prevent this sort of damage from happening, you can prevent the most common insurance claims. If you have any questions regarding leaky appliances or if you have experienced water damage from your appliances, contact the friendly team at NuBilt Restoration &amp; Construction at (303) 368-4688.