water-damage-denver-appliance-disaster-1030x773Home appliances have come to be a necessity for most people, and rightly so. They can make your life much easier and efficient when working correctly. However, the issues that arise with home appliances can cost you a great deal if not handled in a reasonable amount of time – one of the most common problems that results is water damage Denver residents could have avoided. Keep on track and make sure you don’t encounter this scenario or other dangerous situations with your home appliances– here are six ways to prevent common appliance disasters:

1) Washing Machine: Housed within a laundry room or the basement, families use their washing machines daily to clean clothing.

  • Problem: Hose failure is one of the most common types of malfunctions and problems that may result from a broken hose include extensive flooding, property damage and the permanent incapacitation of the machine itself.
  • Prevention: Regular inspections of the hose area are recommended and experts suggest that a distance of no less than four inches should exist between the hose and the water connection at the back of the machine. Owners should be mindful of replacing the connections between the hose and the washing machine before any failure might occur. The cost of replacing a worn out hose or its components is usually less than $20 while repairing the damage from a burst hose can jump into the thousands of dollars.

2) Drying Machine: Usually located next to the family’s washing machine, the drying machine ensures proper drying of clean clothes.

  • Problem: The National Fire Protection Association suggests that there are almost 17,000 house fires a year that come from laundry machines and virtually all of those fires begin in clothes dryers.
  • Prevention: Experts recommend routine removal of lint from the machine, but cleaning and inspection should go beyond the lint tray. Because dryer lint is so highly flammable, peering into the dryer for additional trapped lint beneath or around the machinery is crucial. Keeping an eye on lint issues within a drying machine costs nothing but time, while fighting a fire can cause immeasurable loss.

3) Water Heater: Ensuring that the temperature of the water that comes out of a home’s faucets is the proper temperature is the responsibility of the water heater.

  • Problem: Old and poorly maintained water heaters can fail and flood a home and over time, all water heaters will experience sedimentary buildup and general corrosion due to common minerals within the water. A failed water heater can be a nuisance while it is out of service, but it can also cause significant monetary hassle should failure result in flooding.
  • Prevention: The average water heater benefits from regular inspection by home owners and trained inspectors and should be examined on a yearly basis. Water heaters do not usually last much more than 10 to 15 years and do often require replacement parts during their lifespan. The occasional replacement of water heater parts varies, but the few hundred dollars one might spend can far outweigh the costs of emergency service should the device fail or cause flooding and require a $4000 repair job.

4) Air Conditioning / Swamp Cooler: These units may be part of a house-wide central air conditioning system or they may be individual window machines used to cool single rooms.

  • Problem: Common problems include failure of the compressor or the pump system and with consistent use these parts will eventually fail. Blocked condensing coils often cause failure and can break the machinery if not fixed in a timely manner. A defective float valve in a swamp cooler can prevent water from filling the reservoir or even cause the water to overflow.
  • Prevention: Air conditioning units are under considerable pressure to perform during the hotter months of the year and annual inspections are advisable. Very few units above the age of ten can operate without small replacements every few years. These replacements may cost a few hundred dollars every few years while total failure of a central air conditioning system could cost upwards of $3000. For your swamp cooler, it is wise to replace the absorbent pads and lubricate bearings at the beginning of every cooling season and at the end of the cooling season to shut off and drain the water.

5) Dish Washer: Typically most families will employ a standard dish washer to do the work rather than manage everything by hand.

  • Problem: Lack of proper drainage and flooding are the two most common problems experienced with external plumbing failures with a malfunction of the dish washer’s internal pump as one of the most common causes. Objects trapped around the drain and pump can prevent draining and proper operation. Flooding can happen quickly – sometimes when the homeowners are not present, causing water damage Denver residents could have prevented.
  • Prevention: Removing items that are blocking drainage or repairing the pump are two projects often best handled by professionals. The cost of replacement for the pump will usually be under $100 dollars if the problem is caught early while failure to service the machine can result in much more damage and require total replacement of the entire appliance, which can cost over $500 for inexpensive models.

6)  Refrigerator: As one of the most used devices within the home, the refrigerator keeps the family’s food fresh and is always in operation.

  • Problem: Overheating is the most common type of failure to impact a refrigerator and over time the buildup of dust can cause this issue, as can a lack of proper ventilation at the back of the unit. Chronic overheating can lead to breakage of the refrigerator’s motor, which will mean the appliance cannot maintain proper cooling temperature.
  • Prevention: Proper placement of the refrigerator is the best way to ensure successful motor operation. Removing accumulated dust from the rear of the appliance should be done a few times a year. Keeping an eye on dust and ventilation costs nothing while repairing or replacing parts of a refrigerator may range anywhere from $100 for the motor to several hundred for the appliance’s compressor.

Appliances have become part of our everyday life, and advancements keep getting better and making life simpler. Maintenance and preventative care of your appliances will ensure lasting benefits. If your property undergoes water flooding or property damages from an appliance malfunction, contact NuBilt for restoration assistance and a speedy recovery.