PipeImage1There are six ways that thermal imaging cameras detect problems that damage a property or contribute to energy inefficiency. A professional home inspection is essential to detect these unwanted conditions. A real time color scheme of hot and cold areas emerges in the scanned section. The hot sections look brighter and the cool sections look darker. The camera can find inefficiencies and damage in seconds. The inspection is done without physical contact, so physical harm to the inspector is null.

Using the cameras, the inspector can conduct a detailed analysis of homes, apartments, and commercial buildings that isn’t possible using the human eye.

The camera measures thermal energy and the temperature is calculated derived from the energy output. The condition of the structure and its insulation specifications are verified. The camera scans the property quickly, avoiding any damage to the property while detecting the issues.

The old school method of detection has sometimes caused property damage.

Detecting the Problems

  1. Thermal imaging cameras detect energy loss. For instance, a leakage of heat in the winter caused by poor insulation. The thermal imaging survey finds heat loss in ceilings, floors, and walls.
  2. The cold spot patterns are found by the cameras which the eye can’t see. The air leaks are measured, the data collected, and reported.
  3. It finds water leaks such as leaking plumbing and water draining off the roof and seeping in through the windows. It finds water damage and pools collecting in the property’s ceiling, or walls.
  4. Faulty wiring is detected which could cause a fire.
  5. Mold growing in the building, or home is found by the camera. Thus it can be eradicated preventing health issues from developing.
  6. Pests like rats, raccoons, and termites are located by body heat.  A thermal image scan can save the property owner money and protect the householder’s property and health.

If you think your property is suffering from heat-loss, water leaks, rodents or something else behind the walls, contact NuBilt today to setup an appointment to fix the matter.