fire-89353-640-1Accidents will always happen, but sometimes can be avoided by taking precautions – especially when it comes to fires. Fire damage Denver residents can prevent typically comes from common activities in the home. Find out the top causes of residential fires and make yourself aware of the types of things to be careful of in your home:

  1. Cooking: Around 40% of all residential fires are caused by cooking – whether a pot or pan overheats or splatters grease, it can take seconds for a fire to start. When using oil or high temperatures, it’s best not to leave them unattended. Any time an open flame is involved, precaution should be taken.
  2. Heating: About 15% of residential fires are caused by heating equipment. Make sure to get your furnace inspected yearly and make sure that your chimney is kept clean. If you use a portable heater, make sure that they are at least three feet away from flammable things such as curtains and furniture. Test the settings of your portable heaters and don’t use a higher setting than necessary for your comfort.
  3. Electrical: 8% of residential fires are caused by electrical equipment. Make sure that your appliances don’t have any loose or frayed cords or plugs. Also, don’t run electrical wires under rugs or heavy furniture. Be smart with your technology and appliances – don’t overload outlets or surge protectors with too many devices.
  4. Smoking: Smoking is actually the leading cause of deaths from fire. THE NFPA estimates one in four people killed in fires in the US were killed in smoking–related fires. Most of these fires happen when a cigarette, pipe, or cigar comes into contact with furniture. Many times, people fall asleep with a lit cigarette that ignites flammable items surrounding them. If you need to smoke, it is much smarter to go outside, and never smoke in bed.

Fire safety is of the upmost importance in your home. However, when the unexpected happens, call NuBilt, your restoration specialists. We are available 24 hours a day and use the latest and most effective methods and technologies for Denver fire damage restoration. Find out more about how to keep fires from happening in your home or building – be sure to read about the 5 Ways to Prevent Home Fires to learn more about how to keep disaster out of your home.