Homeowners Come Home to 11-Day Flooded Mess

This was a flood from the freeze on 2/3/11. The homeowners were out of town since late January and it was not until the Castle Rock Water Dept was reading water meters and noticed theirs was going too fast on 2/14/11 that they shut it off at the street and left a note on the door. The neighbors saw the note and called the homeowner who called us. I was the first on scene and the water had been running at open flow in three areas for 11 days. Nearly the entire main level was wet and the entire lower level was flooded. There were ceilings and walls collapsed from the water and the damage is visible in the pictures. Nearly the entire lower level was gutted and reconstructed. The entire demolition and rebuilding process took 6 weeks. Flooded home from broken frozen pipe Flooded home  in Castle Rock Broken frozen pipe damage in Castle Rock Castle Rock Flooded home AFTER Flood damage restoration Castle Rock Water damage mitigation and restoration in Castle Rock
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