Colorado Winterizing – 10 Tips To Prepare Your Property For the Winter

Snow Damage DenverAlthough the official start of winter has not commenced yet (not until December 21st), a great amount of snow has already fallen in Colorado this year. The early snowfall more than likely served as a wakeup call and a reminder to prepare your property for the oncoming colder temperatures, if you haven’t already done so. As a restoration company, we consistently see the same property issues arise with the harsh weather conditions. Therefore, we decided to put together ten tips to help prevent or minimize potential property damages caused by the cold and harsh weather. 1. Landscape Cleanup. Be sure to cut or trim back any trees or shrubs touching the roof or exterior of the property to prevent possible damage. 2. Clean Gutters & Downspouts. Clogged gutters can cause ice damming which can result in roof damages and roof leaks. Inserting leaf guards on gutters would be recommended. 3. Blow Out Irrigation Lines. Trapped water in sprinkler lines can easily be a cause for broken lines later. It is critical that hoses are drained and disconnected from any water source. The whereabouts of the water mains should be well-known in case of the need for an emergency shut-off. If there are exposed water pipes, it would be wise to insulate the piping. 4. Inspect Locations with Possible Outside Air Drafts. Weather-stripping around doors should be checked and upgraded if need be. Window screens and insulation should also be inspected. Any cracks in the foundations or exterior walls should be repaired and sealed properly. 5. Keep Vents & Interior Doors Open. Proper circulation needs to be present throughout house to prevent freezes. Furthermore, if it has been a while since the air ducts have been cleaned, it may be a good time to do so. All vents should be cleaned so no blockage is present. 6. Service Furnace or Other Heating System. Replace filters as needed to maximize air flow. Make sure flammable material is away from the heating system. Snow Load, Ice Damming Denver CO 7. Inspect & Clean the Fireplace & Chimney.Soot and creosote should be removed if present. Be sure to close the fireplace damper when not in use. 8. Recharge Fire Extinguishers. People often spend more time in the house during winter months. Cooking appliances and extra heating devices are used more which increases chances for fires. 9. Inspect Fire & Smoke Alarms. Alarms should be tested to make sure they are working properly. 10. Keep Thermostat Above 55°F. If your property is going to be vacant for any amount of time, it is still essential to maintain the heat in your property. Frozen pipes can be directly related to thermostats being shut off or turned down too low.

NuBilt is always ready 24/7 to respond to winter damage related mitigation (structural collapse, board-ups, shoring, etc.) and repair requests. Call 303.368.4688.

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